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Hanten and Happi: Traditional Japanese Work Coats: Bold Designs and Colorful Images


“Hanten and Happi: Traditional Japanese Work Coats: Bold Designs and Colorful Images” with text by Cynthia Shaver, Noriko Miyamoto, and Sachio Yoshioka is probably the finest book on the subject – Japanese work clothing of the Edo Period. This beautifully photographed book is chock full of large, colorful photographs (158 of them!) with extensive English captions that present the fascinating story of hanten and happi coats to include sashiko-stitched hanten worn by machibikeshi (firefighters of Edo famous for their dashing and sylish looks), and happi coats worn by carpenters and shop clerks. The decorative designs of these thick sashiko hanten are varied, including courageous warriors, bold geometric patterns and many other interesting designs. The Happi are light-hearted and witty, transforming trade names and marks into abstract motifs of great ingenuity.
The book is divided into the following sections:
Firemen's Coats
Happi Coats
The Traditional Process for Dyeing Happi Coats
Sashiko-stitched Hanten Coats
Matoi and Fire Fighters
Painted Sashiko Hanten Coats
Leather Coats
Happi Coats for Festivities
Happi Coats of Various Trades
Spectacular Garments and Colorful Customs: The Fire Fighters of Edo by Cynthia Shaver
Edo Fire Fighters: Their History, Customs and Manners by Noriko Miyamoto
Background to Japanese Work Clothing by Sachio Yoshika
List of Plates
Collector's Comments

This 168-page, 8.75 x 11.75 inch softcover was published by Shikosha Publishing, Tokyo, Japan in 1998 and is now out-of-print. Text is in Japanese and English. Here’s your chance to obtain an amazing book that provides a visually stunning look at one of Japan’s most beautiful textile art-forms.