Welcome to Over the Blue Horizon!  We offer vintage and antique Japanese folk textiles and related items - from clothing to fabric to small pieces that can be used as home decor.  Many of the textiles are recycled fabrics - from as long as 100 years ago!  You'll find boro, sakiori, fabrics such as ikat and kasuri, kimono, war and propaganda fabric among other textiles.  We look for the unusual.  

Even if you don't think a Japanese textile would fit into your home decor, have a look around.  You'll find pieces with soft, muted colors that would fit into a beach cottage or shabby chic room, kimono with puppies and toys that will add fun to a child's room, and even a  graphic, sophisticated design on the back of a festival coat that complements the sleekest modern interior.

Most of the fabrics in these textiles are hand woven, and many are dyed with natural dyes, especially indigo.  The fibers include cotton, linen, hemp - even paper.