Over the Blue Horizon

Furoshiki, sashiko stitching

A very traditional furoshiki, or wrapping cloth, is offered here.  Four panels of indigo-dyed, handwoven cotton are sewn together by hand to form a square, and each of the four corners is embroidered with sashiko stitching using a white, heavy cotton thread.  Two of the corners have rows of intersecting lines, and the other two corners have the hemp leaf, or  ‘asa-no-hana’ pattern, one of the most popular traditional patterns for sashiko stitching.  The two outer edges parallel to the seams are also embroidered in a straight running stitch.

 The large furoshiki measures 52.5 by 55 inches.  It is in good condition, with one pinpoint hole and another small hole about ¼-inch in diameter with some worn threads next to it.  The furoshiki is faded in one area on the back side, and this is the same area where the small hole is.  The hole is visible on the right side of the fabric and the fading is visible on the wrong side.  The fading is only slightly noticeable on the front side.  There is some slight unevenness in color overall, to be expected in a hand dyed vintage fabric.  

This beautiful vintage textile could be displayed as a table cover, a wall hanging, or used for its original purpose, as a wrapping cloth.