Over the Blue Horizon

futon cover, katazome w/stencilled crests

Two dyeing processes are combined in this large Japanese antique textile. This was part of a futon cover, bedding similar to a duvet, but all that remains here is the decorated top layer measuring 63 by 70".  A floral motif was dyed on five panels of fabric using the katazome technique.  Katazome is a Japanese dyeing technique in which a paste resist is applied to the fabric using a stencil.  The five panels were than joined and on each corner a crest was applied using another stencil.  The large circle crest with eight smaller circles around it may be a variation of the Chiba mon.  The other crest is noshi, a bundle of dried abalone stripes which often symbolizes longevity. 


Condition of this textile is very good, there is very faint staining on one of the crests.  No holes or tears.  This textile can be washed in cold water with a mild detergent in a washing machine and is very serviceable as a tablecloth or bedcover.