Over the Blue Horizon

boro tsutsugaki crest, sashiko stitching

Offered here by Over the Blue Horizon is an antique Japanese textile with a bold floral crest surrounding by arabesque vines.  Four panels of indigo-dyed cotton have been dyed with a floral crest using the tsutsugaki technique.  It is a single layer, probably once used as a futon cover, bedding similar to a duvet. 

The panels have been sewn together very neatly so that there are no raw edges.  The textile has a few holes, less than 1-inch in diameter.  There is a four-inch tear at one edge.  A white patch has been sewn on the back side to mend a hole and there is some darning in one area.  Light staining. 

Sashiko stitching decorates two of the edges.